Thursday, May 29, 2014

Time Flies

Dear George,
This is my 500th blog posting.  That’s a surprise.  The years sneak by when you’re having a pleasant time.  I began this enterprise on May 29, 2009, exactly five years ago today.  That comes down to a hundred posts per year, one every three or four days.

While I think mostly of family and friends as the audience when I write stories, the Internet makes for a much wider dispersal.  Since the blog’s beginning, there have been 1,373 “pageviews” from the Ukraine, 2,313 from Denmark.  7,871 people read the most popular posting, photos and comments about insects and amphibians who live in the Menominee River (“River House Creatures, Part Two”).  This month Katja’s story about “Aunt Molly’s Nose” was the most widely read.   

Sometimes when I get sleepy, I think about taking a “blogcation” – maybe a week or a month.  At other times I think about celebrating this milestone by making some kind of change in format or content.  I’ll have to think it over.  In the meantime, being a creature of habit, I’ll likely be back in a couple of days. 

G-mail Comments
-Phyllis S-S (5-31):  Dear Dave,  Congratulations.  Phyllis
-Gayle C-L (5-30):  David,  This is An Amazing Feat!!!!  CONGRATS to you for your Perseverance and Stamina!!!  My old Broker Gloria Zastko always said,  " it's easy to get on top but it's hard to stay on Top!!   No truer words ever spoken !!  So,,, Cheers for the love you have for your family and for keeping your past, present and future in all of our lives !!  Keep up the good work,,  ( it is ok If you miss a beat once in awhile)   ;)))   Lots of love ...G
-Jennifer M (5-29): Congratulations on 500 posts and being so widely read!

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