Sunday, May 11, 2014

Speaking of Moms

My mom (Doris) and Katja’s mom (Helen) at our wedding (Aug. 1960)

Dear George,
One of the favorite songs in our family during my childhood began, “Oh be kind to your web-footed friends, for that duck may be somebody’s mother…”  Another frequent family observation was that the saddest thing you could ever be was a “motherless Biccus.” (Just what a Biccus was now escapes me.)  In any case, these and many other family colloquialisms made it clear that mothers are by far the most important beings on earth.  Here are just a few images of important, beloved mothers that I’m thinking about on this Mother’s Day.

Doris with her kids, Dave, Peter, Steve, and Vicki at our house on the river (ca. 1955)

Helen (right) with Katja and Katja’s grandmother Anna in Philadelphia (ca. 1942)

Katja with J at Mt. Airy Park, Cincinnati in Menominee (ca. 1972)

Margie with Steve and Jennifer (ca. 1973)

Faith with newborn Chris (ca. 1978)

Vicki with her youngest kid Abra (ca. 2010)

K with J, V, and L at home in NOLA (2014)

Katja and Vicki at our family reunion in Birch Creek (2012) 

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