Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks for 2015

Dear George,
Aside from turkey and pro football games, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the many sources of pleasure and well-being in our lives.  Once you start thinking about giving thanks, it makes you realize how many people contribute in valued ways to our lives.  I started making a list that began with my childhood, but that was totally unmanageable, so I decided to stick with 2015.  Here some thanks for my year to date:

·       Katja for getting me a Fitbit and lots of other good stuff too.
·       L and V for being such smart and funny grandchildren.
·       J and K for lovingly raising those wonderful kiddies.
·       Linda and Ted for being devoted grandparents.  
·       My sister Vicki for being there through thick and thin.
·       Gayle for her many cheery e-mail messages (continuing Peter’s good habits). 
·       Ami for joining us for a family holiday in Cincinnati.
·       David for lots of laughs via California cell-phone calls.
·       Donna for being a hardy sheepdog hiking buddy.
·       Jennifer for lots of Clifton walks and talks.
·       Phyllis for organizing our flea market expeditions.
·       Eleanor and Sam for being such steadfast longtime friends.
·       Cate for inspiring us wannabe poets.
·       Jill for making line dancing a lot of fun.
·       Sally, Carol, John, and many other classmates for good times at our high school reunion.
·       Bob and Lois A. for hosting me on my July Menominee trip.
·       Our nephew Greg for keeping our family Birch Creek property thriving. 
·       Dr. Bo for helping us through painful end of life dog decisions.
·       The Bengals and Packers, the UC Bearcats, Cincinnati’s wealth of cultural activities, the Esquire Theater, HBO and Showtime, our new Clifton Library, my new Nikon camera, and a host of other attractions and amusements in our world.
·       Perhaps most of all, our Old English Sheepdogs Mike and Duffy for bringing thirteen years of joy to our lives. 

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