Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Night Our House Turned Blue

Dear George,
Last month Katja and Donna went on a two-week Rick Steves tour in France, starting out in Paris and working their way up to Normandy.  I stayed home to look after Mikey and Donna’s sheepdog, Sophie.  It wasn’t as exciting, but I do enjoy the peace and solitude, and the dogs and I had a relaxing time.  I did have a strange dream on the second night though, and it prompted me to try to capture it in a poem.  Here it is.

The Night Our House Turned Blue

My wife has been traveling in Europe
I stayed home to take care of the dog
Actually the dog’s taking care of me
I seem to be lost in a fog

I usually do fine when I’m home alone
But things got strange on Day Two
I woke up at dawn and I looked around
The entire house had turned blue

The walls were blue, the floors were blue 
The flowers and the bric-a-brac too
I wondered if aliens came in the night
Why they’d do this, I wish that I knew

It wasn't the blue of midsummer
More like ice on a far northern lake 
Or an overcast sky in November
It’s the blue of an Indigo snake

Even my dog has a bluish tint
And my skin when I look in the mirror
I could be a corpse in the city morgue
Who knew blue could cause so much fear?

I called my wife in a panic
She said Paris was golden and yellow
She plans to bring home some very bright hues
So now I am feeling more mellow

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