Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby V Visits Santa

            Baby V, mom K, and jolly Santa

Dear George,

Our granddaughter V had a thrilling visit with Santa at Lakeside Mall in this her second Xmas season.  J was a little concerned because her diaper was wet while they stood in line, but K said that Santa wouldn’t care because his outfit was pee-proof and he was a little tipsy.  According to parental reports, V’s fun time included climbing over the fence into Winter Wonderland, pulling the polar bear’s nose off, screaming while being dragged out of Winter Wonderland, dumping fake snow on another little girl’s Xmas dress, biting K two times, and crying hysterically when placed on Santa's lap (until K joined her).  Apparently V is not yet completely civilized at fifteen months.   Not to worry – this is exactly how grandmom Katja’s parents described her behavior as a baby girl, and look at how docile Katja turned out.



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