Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We Visit Baby V in NOLA

Dear George,
We are just back from a holiday trip to New Orleans where we stayed with J, K, and Baby V.  We'd last seen V in August, and the changes from 11 months to 15 months are dramatic.  We'd always told J as a little kid that he was special and unique.  Despite his telling us that every kid in kindergarten had gotten the same message from their parents, we still believed it.  Now we believe it about V.  She is darling and precocious -- absolutely wonderful.  Here are a few photos that will give you a sense of our visit.

V is strongly bonded with her parents (and vice versa).  Her favorite and best articulated words are "Mommie" and "Daddie", followed by "Doggie" and "Ba-ba" (bottle).  She was a little shy with us strangers at first, but that only lasted for an hour or two.

Here's V's normal temperament.  She is a very happy little baby, and she's very socially responsive.  We gave her goodbye kisses at the end of our trip, and she leaned over each time to give us one in return.

We babysat V one evening, and it was remarkable how busy she can be and how she can entertain herself for long periods of time.  First she tried on her daddy's shoes and walked around in them.  Then she decided to graduate to Katja's high heels.

She also decided to show her Grandpa her artistic abilities.  Not only did she draw on her sketch pad but on her hand, her stomach, the tablecloth, and Grandpa's hand as well.

V's manual dexterity has increased so much since we last saw her.  She insists on feeding herself with her spoon, and, though it can be a little messy, she eats everything put before her by herself.

V and Titus get along excellently.  The dog is gentle and calm, and now and then he gives V a sloppy kiss.  She likes to pet and hug him, and, when she finished with her bowl of ice cream, she carried it into the other room and gave Titus the remnants.

We'd brought some Xmas presents, and V was very intrigued with them from the outset.

She particularly enjoyed undoing the wrappings (with great gusto).

Here's V in her new dress that her Grandma picked out for her.

We all took a lot of trips together -- to the Art Museum, the French Quarter, the levee dog park, and many good restaurants.  Here are V and J at the Aquarium, her favorite place.

Other times we relaxed at home.  V and Katja are watching a TV show together about the cutest dogs in the world.

Though a rare event, V would sometimes get tired by the end of a busy day. 

We had a lot of fun with J and K too which I'll tell you about another time.  There are always pleasurable things about coming back home (e.g., doggies), but right now we mostly miss our family in New Orleans.


G-Mail Comments:

-Vicki L (1-1-10): Hi David and Katja,  …It was such a pleasure to be able to participate, via your photos, in your sweet get together with J**, K** and V**. I'm so happy for you both….These little children bring such joy and light - they definitely carry the message if there's a message to be carried….Love, Vicki

-Linda KC (12-30): david, what a great tribute to your nola family in pictures and in words,   i must say that i feel i have been around very very smart 15 month old children, ben and theo, my own of course, and others, and i can tell a smart kid and she is one smart kid.   i told k*** and j***, i hope you can keep up with v***'s intellect

-Terry OS (12-29): My favorite sweatshirt says that if I'd known how much fun grandchildren were I'd have had them first….Your granddaughter is adorable and I have no doubt she is every bit as

exceptional as you claim.  Happy New Year!

-Phyllis SS (12-29): Dave, She is adorable.  I'm so glad Titus is good with her.  Phyllis-

-Jennifer M (12-29): What a doll!  I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time together!

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