Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Katja!

Dear George,

Today is Katja’s birthday.  She was born in Roanoke, VA, (which helps to account for her occasional demeanor as a Southern belle), the first of Helen and Buck Werrin’s three kids.  It’s the 49th of Katja’s birthdays that we’ve celebrated as a married couple and the 52nd since we’ve been “going steady”.  Both of us find it amazing that all this time has passed, though we feel pretty much like the same persons that we were at the beginning.  We have much to be thankful for: good health and good friends and family, a happy home, wonderful children and grandchild.  Flowers from J and K just arrived at the front door, and we’ll do a birthday dinner on the weekend.  We have a lot to celebrate and to look forward to.



G-Mail Comments:

-Phyllis SS (12-9): Dear Dave, Please wish Katja a Happy Birthday from Matt and I.  Phyllis

-Gayle L (12-9): Happy Birthday K. And many many more;). We R lucky to have you in our family ;). Lots of love. G

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